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Online Application Process

Required Documentation

You will be asked in the online Grant Request Application form to upload electronic versions of documentation for your organization. PDF files are preferred, however .doc, .txt, .xls and .ppt are also allowed. If you do not currently have this documentation in electronic format, you might use FedEx/Kinko’s or a similar service to scan your documents into an electronic format or scan using your organization’s device — however, the documents need to be legible.

You will be asked to upload each of the following items as individual electronic files:

  • A copy of the current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • A list of the organization’s board of directors or trustees, including board titles, corporate title or volunteer title, address, work and home telephone numbers and email address
  • Organization’s current annual operating budget, including expenses and revenue (based on budget sheet)
  • Most recent audited financial statement (independently audited, if available; if not available attach Form 990)
  • At least two-to-three letters of support for the organization, which also verify the need for the proposed project
  • Copy of the most recent annual report, if available

Step-by-step application instructions