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Online Application Process

What to Expect After Applying

A successfully submitted online application will generate a confirmation page for the site visitor. CPS Foundation grant administrators will receive email notification of your grant request application registration and will retrieve and review the information provided to determine whether it meets the foundation’s funding criteria.

If the funding proposal is within the CPS Foundation funding guidelines, a CPS Foundation grants administrator will contact the organization to arrange a site visit. Key staff will also be interviewed. At this point, original signatures, further documentation and feasibility evidence may be required.

If the funding proposal is accepted, the organization will be notified as to whether there will be CPS Foundation grant funding for the project. Once the grant has been awarded, the CPS Foundation asks that the grantee provide periodic updates on the progress of the funded project.

If the funding proposal is not accepted, the organization will be notified. An organization that is not granted funding may apply for the same project only if this is indicated by CPS. Otherwise, the organization is eligible to apply for funding of other projects following the grant guidelines..